Paws for life

What is ‘Paws for Life’ and why should I join in?

You and your dogs are invited to take part in this special event, either by organising a walk in your area, or by joining one of the many dog walks that will be happening throughout the UK. 

‘Paws for Life’ walks are very special, because they give you and your dogs the opportunity to stand together and take action against the serious illnesses that prematurely take the lives of so many of our pets, by raising money for PetSavers.  So why not join in the fun and walk to raise funds that will make a difference to the health and well being of our nation’s pets? 

There are two options to get involved. You can either organise a dog walk or you can join one that has already been organised in your local area.

Did you know? 

PetSavers is the only charity that funds clinical research to advance veterinary medicine for the diseases and illnesses that afflict companion animals.  This means, if your pet has been to the vet, then the chances are, PetSavers funded the studies to develop the diagnosis and treatment he or she received.  


  • Each year PetSavers fund an average of 18 clinical research projects.
  • Over the past three years, 56 clinical studies have been funded.

How it works

What difference will your ‘Paws for Life’ donation make?

Every £500 to £1,000 raised will pay for a 12 month project which is likely to play a crucial part in advancing, monitoring and treating serious pet illnesses. Over the past 12 months some of the studies funded have researched: bladder cancer in dogs, parvovirus and heart disease in cats.  

Every £1,000 to £8,000 raised will pay for a three year project.  Recent studies range across diverse subjects including: the welfare of reptiles, feline tuberculosis, kidney disease, increased understanding of ferret diseases, liver disease, heart disease, oncology, cat bite abscesses and the effect of secondary tobacco smoke on cats and dogs. 

Every £10,000 to £40,000 raised will pay for an in-depth study into serious illness. Over the past two years, studies have researched gingivitis in cats and a study of rare sarcoma tumours. 

All discoveries resulting from studies funded by PetSavers, are quickly passed onto veterinary surgeons in practice, so that your pets can benefit. 

Thank you! PetSavers would like to thank you and your dogs for agreeing to take part in a ‘Paws for Life’ walk and raise funds for the charity.  With your support, we can work together and take a stand against the serious illnesses that afflict our pets.


Register your walk

If you would like to get involved and organise your own Paws For Life dog walk, then please take a few minutes to to let us know and we will be back in touch to help you!

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Once you have registered your interest in organising a Paws For Life dog walk for us. You will need to download some materials to help you make your day a success. Get help and advice with our organisers and promotional guide, bunting templates and sponsor forms.

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Our 'join an event' page will list all Paws For Life dog walks around the UK. Have a browse and see if there are any local to you.

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