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If you have the Will, we have the way

Legacies are a crucial form of funding for an organisation like PetSavers, enabling us to plan for the future and helping to guarantee that we can continue to fund clinical research specifically designed to help our pets. We rely solely on donations, legacies and other voluntary support to fund our work as we do not receive government funding. This is why leaving a legacy to us is so vitally important.

Whether large of small, your gift will be helping vets continue research into the different illnesses and diseases that affect our small companions and you can be assured that advances in veterinary medicine continue long into the future.

There are three types of bequest:

Residuary Bequest

You may wish to leave a specific sum of money or personal possessions to a named person or a number of people. The rest of your assets, once the above wishes have been fulfilled, are known as your residual estate. You may wish to leave your whole residual estate or a fraction of your residual estate to charity. For example, you may decide to leave 10% to be used for the general purposes of PetSavers.


You may wish to leave a fixed sum of money to charity. This is known as a pecuniary bequest. For example, you may wish to leave PetSavers a donation of £5,000.


You may wish to leave a specific gift to PetSavers that might be used by the charity to generate funds. This could include shares, property or an item of value. For example, you may wish to leave your house to PetSavers.

Recognising your contribution

When PetSavers ultimately receives your gift we are able to recognise your contribution in a number of ways, for example naming a scholarship or research project in your name or that of your pet. Jane Bailey, who cared deeply about animals, made a residuary bequest to PetSavers. We were able to say 'thank you' by naming two of our projects after her – the Jane Bailey Lymphoma Research Projects.

If you have already made a Will it is easy to add a codicil (a document that adds to or alters a Will) leaving a gift to PetSavers. Your solicitor can draw this up for you. It is signed in the same manner as a Will, and placed with your Will.

For more information about remembering PetSavers in your Will, please contact us

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