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You can help PetSavers by making a tribute to your lost pet.  It may be that PetSavers has researched into an illness or disease that your animal suffered from, or you would just like to share your pets life, whatever the reason, we would love to help you remember your beloved friend. Your donation in memory of your beloved pet will go towards helping us continue improving the health of pets.

If you would like your friend to appear on this tribute wall, please make a donation first and then contact us with a picture of your pet and short story to



My special little boy Snoopy, a stray with a smashed up leg, arrived at Wood Vets in Gloucestershire and required numerous operations and a pin to repair it.  His adorable little face each time I went into the vets was irresistible  so I fostered him and the rest as they say is history.  We had 14 glorious years together with Ben who joined us 6 months after Snoopy’s arrival.  They became best buddies and the loves of my life. 

Snoopy was extra special as not so independent as Ben so became my shadow, where I went, Snoopy followed, yes, even onto the bed where I had barely any quilt  but just could not disturb him!!  He was just the best dog ever and broke my heart when I had to let him go.  After some ongoing issues he went into chronic kidney failure 2 days before Congress in 2012.  

I cannot put into words what my 2 rescue boys did for me, to think they had such a horrid start in life yet both were just perfect in every way.  Needless to say I miss them both terribly even now, not a day goes by when I don’t think of them, if only  I could have had just one more day……..




Ben had to be put to sleep in April 2010 after a very sudden and quick illness. Ben was collected from the Dogs Trust in Evesham in 1998 and whoever gave up on my dear Ben in the first place lost out on the most perfect dog.

We had 12 glorious years together and it was a true privilege to have shared his life, I cherish every moment we had. He was just a very sweet boy who was house trained on arrival, became very obedient and was gentle and fun, he was simply amazing. Wherever we went people would fuss him. You are missed very much my special boy and not a day goes by when I do not think of you.





A tribute to Nikko, my little buddy - I had Nikko, an Oriental Havana, from a kitten, who gave me some laughs along with tears. I will cherish great memories of this little cat who acted more like a dog! His favourite game was to play fetch.

He was always getting himself into mischief! - One day he got his head stuck in the handle of a carrier bag, and proceeded to try and run away from it, by tearing around the house at 100mph with carry bag flapping behind him! Sadly we had to put him to sleep age just 6, due to chronic renal failure - you will be sadly missed little one x





This is Bubbles who lived to the ripe old age of 19! She had a rough start to life; having been shot with an air rifle when she was less than a year old.  I was 10 years old at the time and she went missing for a few days, it was a relief to find her but it still breaks my heart now thinking about how someone can be so cruel. 

Bubbles was a beautiful cat with an adorably feisty personality (perhaps down to her injury).  I was continuously covered in scratches as a teenager but that didn’t stop me loving her! I have a million photos of Bubbles but chose this one as it was her favourite sun trap spot in the garden. She was put to sleep in April 2014 at home and I still miss her every day x   


Lyra was a handful from the start, always getting into fights, stuck up trees and she was often sick, but this was all part of the wildness that made us love her. She was the sweetest, petite little creature and so you would never have guessed what a terror she was, not just by looking at her! Despite her wild side, she was always gentle with people and very loving with her family (well in phases anyway!).

I got her when I moved to a new town. I didn’t know anybody and was struggling to find work. My life felt empty, but when I brought Lyra home at just nine weeks old, she soon warmed my heart. During our years together, we went through a lot of bad times with her, like when she nearly died of cat flu, or went missing for several weeks. Despite everything we shared some amazing times, especially when she had four kittens and proved to be a great mother.

A couple of years ago, Lyra got very ill and was diagnosed with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia. After thousands of pounds in vet bills, a lot of syringe-feeding and TLC, she recovered and we got some more precious time with her. Unfortunately the illness came back, only this time it was a lot faster. In May 2018, Lyra suffered a series of blood clots and she lost her fight against the illness and we lost our beloved friend.

It was terrible to lose her- it was a tragic and difficult time- but I’m grateful that we kept one of her kittens. We now have her son, Heathcliff, and of course, the many happy memories and pictures of her to treasure.

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